Affordable Housing

Thank you for your interest in applying to live here at The Boulevard!

We are an Equal Housing Opportunity provider and seek to process all applicants in a fair and consistent manner. The Workforce/Affordable Housing program is an income-based program designed to reduce the barrier to affordable quality housing for the working force community in Houston.

Are you a qualified applicant? Keep reading to find out!

Any applicant or resident living in an affordable unit cannot earn more than the following annual incomes.

  • 1-person home may earn no more than $52,160 annually
  • 2-person home may earn no more than $59,680 annually
  • 3-person home may earn no more than $67,120 annually
  • 4-person home may earn no more than $74,560 annually
  • 5-person home may earn no more than $80,560 annually

Income Verification:

  • 1 month of consecutive current bank statements. ALL pages must be included and be one sided.
  • 2 consecutive bi-weekly paystubs, 3 semi-monthly and 1 monthly.

What Do I Need to Pre-Qualify?

To begin the application and to get on The Boulevard waitlist, we ask that you present the following documents:

  • Completed application for every household member 18 years of age and older
  • Income Verification items listed above
  • Additional documents may be required depending on each person's individual income and assets

Do You Qualify? Contact Us today or fill out the form below to Learn More and to Apply for our Waitlist.

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